Bentley announces the launch of Advanced Connectivity – the world’s first super-fast, reliable and secure in-car WiFi system, available now for Mulsanne and for all Bentley models in 2019.

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You can now benefit from uninterrupted mobile network coverage while travelling, providing a fully functioning and fully connected executive office on the move.

For example, when using the Bentley Advanced Connectivity WiFi system while traveling at speeds of 110 km/h (70 mph), a passenger is able to access a number of simultaneous entertainment and business applications – including high-definition video streaming across multiple devices – with uninterrupted service quality. Simply access the Bentley Advanced Connectivity system via a dedicated app on your smart phone.

Only Available in a Bentley

Thanks to an exclusive contract, Bentley will be the only car maker with access to this technology for at least 12 months. Bentley Advanced Connectivity is available to order now for the Mulsanne, with the rest of the Bentley range to follow in 2019.

New Executive and Entertainment Experience for Bentley Passengers

Bentley Advanced Connectivity provides a unique, reliable, super-fast connected car service. Users will benefit from Bentley Skype for Business and significant virtual office applications, such as the ability to access and edit files on the go, hold vital video conferences, conduct multiple meetings and be present for crucial discussions, all in a secure virtual environment.

The super-fast and highly reliable connection also offers customers new, unrivalled levels of in-car entertainment. Bentley Advanced Connectivity allows online video services to stream content uninterrupted in the car, for a truly luxury viewing experience.

How Bentley Advanced Connectivity Works

Bentley conducted an exhaustive international search to find the perfect partner for its in-car connectivity requirements, and has enlisted global communications company, ViaSat, to provide the world’s best and most secure in-car technology for its customers.

Bentley Advanced Connectivity is a multi-channel virtual private network (VPN), which can aggregate up to three mobile network operators on one super-fast signal. The router antenna is placed discreetly inside the Bentley’s boot lid, with the router connected to the on-board DC power supply.

The WiFi router links to a broadband connected hub located at a static site. This hub then links the Bentley to the broadband connection at the host site, for unparalleled connectivity, reliability and security.

ViaSat is recognised internationally for managing 14 million WiFi hotspots; operating a managed hotspot network in nearly 30 countries; and for bringing satellite-enabled in-flight WiFi to major commercial and government aircraft worldwide.

Secure at all times

All data transferred with Bentley Advanced Connectivity is divided up and transmitted over three mobile networks, then reconsolidated on arrival. This means that if one SIM card is compromised, any data stolen is meaningless – because it represents only part of the scrambled data package. An additional layer of protection comes from the Active Cyber Defence system developed by ViaSat, Bentley’s connectivity provider, to protect you from data theft and ransomware attacks.

A Bentley smartphone app enables the car owner to authorise or bar users from the car’s mobile network, ensuring that only those with permission can use the service. It also monitors network usage continuously to ensure your data, your devices and your digital life remain safe and secure.

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