Bentley has pushed the boundaries once again, unveiling one of the world’s most detailed landscape images and the second in its campaign of extraordinary gigapixel photographs.

In Bentley’s last gigapixel image, a Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase was pictured making its way across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This time around, it is the exquisite new Flying Spur, shown in the heart of Dubai.

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The grandest of gestures

At first glance, the photo depicts a spectacular Dubai skyline, the curvature of the Earth clearly visible at its edges.

To capture such an expansive panorama, the cameras had to be suspended almost a thousand feet above the ground, on a crane attached to one of Dubai’s tallest buildings. The Bentley team used technology originally developed by NASA to control the equipment, moving the cameras slowly and methodically over the course of several days, until they had taken the 1,825 individual photographs that were used to build the image.

The result is one of the world’s largest advertising images – and a level of detail that can only be appreciated by zooming in.

The details that make the difference

At the centre of the image sits a stunning Bentley Flying Spur W12 S. With dark tint rear lamps and polished back exterior details, it is a car that delivers phenomenal road presence.

The first four-door Bentley to achieve a top speed of more than 200 mph, the Flying Spur W12 S combines the drive of a grand tourer with the range, space and craftsmanship of a breath-taking luxury sedan.

Inside, its handcrafted leather seats, knurled stainless steel controls and flawless veneers represent the height of sporting luxury. This is a car created to set a new benchmark.

Explore at your leisure

This new gigapixel image enables you to zoom all the way from the vast Dubai cityscape into the finest details of the new Flying Spur – and unlike the previous image, large areas of the photo have been opened up for you to explore at will.

After you have zoomed in on the car and examined it in detail, you will be invited to experience a 360-degree video. This interactive film features Bentley’s Head of Exterior Design, John Paul Gregory, offering his unique perspective on the Flying Spur, as well as Bentley’s flagship Dubai showroom and the sumptuous Bentley Suite at the St. Regis Dubai.

Meeting the technical challenge

Dubai is famously hot, with temperatures averaging well above 40°C for the duration of the photo shoot. And on the rooftop from which the image was captured, wind speeds average 15 mph – enough to disrupt the millimetre-perfect camera positioning required. Fortunately, the skilled Bentley team were well prepared, using equipment developed by NASA to take panoramic landscape photographs on the Mars Rover missions. The result is crystal-clear imagery, all the way down to the finest detail of the car’s interior. 

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